Pre-Training Groups

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Aspiring Psychologist Group (King’s College London) (Checked 08/09/2016)

The KCL Aspiring Psychologists Group is open to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in Psychology. Talks and workshops are based in the Institute of Psychiatry.

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North Thames (Checked 08/09/2016)

We provide an opportunity for psychology graduates (from London and the surrounding regions) to meet, discuss relevant issues and learn from invited speakers. Membership is open to all psychology graduates interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology. We aim to share ideas and learn from Clinical Psychologists and course representatives that we invite to speak to us around a range of clinical and research topics. We usually meet at UCL at 6pm for talks a few times a month.

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Minorities in clinical psychology  group (Checked 08/09/2016)

The Minorities in Clinical Psychology Training Group is a sub-group of the Division of Clinical Psychology Pre-Qualification Group (@DCPPreQual).

The Minorities in Clinical Psychology Training Group primarily exists to give individuals who by reason of their ethnicity/’race’ or culture, health/disability, parenting/caring responsibilities or sexuality find or would find themselves in a minority position within their training cohort; a chance to get connected to others who may share similar experiences.
Our objectives are:
1. To facilitate links between minority Trainee Clinical Psychologists and aspiring Clinical Psychologists
2. To help support the personal and professional development of those working towards a career in Clinical Psychology who would identify as being a minority
3. To contribute towards a better understanding of the unique needs and experiences of minority groups within the profession.
The Team
Six Organisers and two Co-Chairs currently lead the group which comprises about seventy members. All of us are working towards a career in Clinical Psychology. We are passionate about Clinical Psychology, equality and diversity and are committed to the development and sustainability of the group.

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Berkshire / Reading

Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

A group for Assistant Psychologists and those working in related areas who are aiming to train as Clinical Psychologists. The group meets in Oxford on the third Monday of the month. Anyone who is interested in attending from outside of this area is welcome to join. Please email to join

Bristol/Bath Assistant Psychologists’ Group

The Assistant Psychologists’ Pre-Qualification group is for Psychology graduates interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology or related profession. The group meets every two months in Bath or Bristol and is attended by various speakers (i.e. current trainees / local Clinical Psychologists / professionals in complementary fields) who facilitate discussion. The group aims to provide Assistant Psychologists with the opportunity for peer support and professional development through the discussion of relevant topics in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

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Cambridgeshire & Peterborough (Checked 09/09/16)

Open to all psychology graduates gaining relevant experience in preparation for clinical psychology or related training. Each month there will be a different guest speaker as well as group discussions, case / research presentations and clinical course preparations. It gives Assistants the opportunity for peer support and to socialise outside of their work setting.

To be added to the mailing list email Fahim Mughal:

Channel Islands Aspiring Psychologists Group

We are a group hoping to attract psychology undergrads/graduates, aspiring psychologists (clinical/counselling/health/education/forensic. etc.), HCA’s, Support Workers, Nursing Assistants, those volunteering in these areas, and any other assistant psychologists. The group gives an opportunity for CPD, guest speakers, hear about other areas of work in psychology, practice presentations, application forms/interviews and most importantly – peer support (with a good old social).

We are hoping to meet once a month on skype (Jersey group and Guernsey group meet in person and get online at the same time), and aiming every 3 months to meet in either Jersey or Guernsey. Please get in touch and help us get this group going!

Please contact:

Cornwall Assistant Psychologist Group

A monthly group meeting of Assistant Psychologists, Honorary Assistant Psychologists, Volunteers, Researchers, other professionals and anyone else interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology and looking for a supportive peer network.

We hold meetings once a month and vary the location around Cornwall, namely between Redruth, Truro and Bodmin. We aim to provide regular guest speakers, CPD or training sessions and peer supervision. It’s a very informal meeting and along with the above is a chance for us all to get together and discuss our work, interests and careers. It’s also a great opportunity to network and socialise amongst likeminded individuals.

If you would like to come along – anyone is welcome – please contact and someone will get in touch and let you know the date and time of the next meeting.

Durham, Darlington and Dales Pre-Training Group (Checked 09/09/16)

We are a group of professionals working towards Clinical Psychology training. We welcome all from Durham, Darlington and Dales who are interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology. Our group aim is to enhance our personal and professional development in a manner which promotes reflective practice, encourages an awareness of a broad range of psychological models and their application in various clinical settings and client groups; and highlights the role of psychological practice within the NHS today. We meet every two months on a Friday afternoon between 3pm and 5pm. We envisage the group to be a source of support along the path to clinical training for all members involved. If you would like to attend or be added to our mailing list please contact Janine Rowe at 

The Dorset Pre-Qualified Psychologists Group

The group has been created with the intention to share and discuss ideas, knowledge and learning. The group aims to be friendly and supportive rather than competitive and the onus is on issues related to clinical psychology theory and practice. We have speakers on a range of issues at each session and there is also opportunity for group members to present on topics of their choice. We also provide peer support through a unique mentor scheme and learning opportunities in connection with the South West Learning for Health, Wessex Assistants Group and Dorset HealthCare Learning and Development.

We welcome any pre-qualified psychologist (assistant, trainee, research, support workers etc.) or anyone willing to do a presentation or support the group. We meet every 3 months in different venues.

Contact us with your new or innovative ideas which would benefit the members. If you would like to be involved, please contact  Gabriella Kitchen

Essex Graduate Psychology Group (EGPG) (Checked 08/09/2016)

The focus of the group is to provide CPD and peer support opportunities for people pursuing psychology related careers/interests. Group members take it in turns to chair and present at the meetings. In each meeting we review a research article and critically appraise this as a group. This is then followed by a presentation either from a group member or a guest speaker. We often have clinical psychologists and other clinicians attending to speak about a range of diverse topics. The group venue is chosen by the person who is chairing the meeting for that month and is usually within the south Essex area. Information regarding the group venue, times and contents is circulated to the group prior to the meeting along with an agenda and minutes from the previous meeting. Anyone with an interest in psychology is welcome to attend.

Contact Details: Sophia Bremshey

Hampshire Assistant Psychologist Group (Checked 28/12/2017)

Location: Havant (Portsmouth)
Psychology Chartered’s Assistant Psychologist group aims to provide the opportunity to:
  • Learn about the working life of an Assistant Psychologist within the private sector.
  • Discuss the application process for the clinical doctorate, with the chance to have your questions answered by Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Director of Psychology Chartered, Dr Richard Maddicks (who has previously taught on the Southampton clinical doctorate).
  • Hear guest speakers from relevant areas within clinical psychology.
  • Receive peer support in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • Network and socialise with other Assistant Psychologists.
  • The group is free and will aim to meet bi-monthly, with the first session taking place on Tuesday, 30th January 2018, 11:00am–12:30pm at Psychology Chartered, 19 South Street, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1BU

If you are an Assistant Psychologist and would like to come along, please email

Lancashire Clinical Psychology Interest Group

To be added to the mailing list contact one of the Chairs, Natalie Booth

Address: Department of Psychological Services, Burnley General Hospital, Casterton Avenue, Burnley, BB10 2PQ  Telephone: 01282 657125

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Lincolnshire Assistant Psychologist Group

Assistant Psychologists, Graduate Mental Health Workers, Research Assistants or anybody else interested in a career within Clinical Psychology are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to give those interested in a career in clinical psychology the opportunity to meet others in a similar position. The aim of the group is to offer peer support, information regarding clinical training and application as well as hear from guest speakers from relevant areas within clinical psychology. All group members are included in planning sessions to ensure the meetings are of relevance and interest. The group meetings are held in Lincoln.

For more information and to be added to the mailing list for the Lincolnshire Assistant

Psychologists group email Charlene Bennett or Evangelos Stephanopoulos on

Liverpool Assistant Psychologist Group (Checked 08/09/2016)

This group meets every month in various venues around Liverpool, all accessible by public transport.

The meeting is open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology, including Assistant Psychologists, Research Assistants, Graduates and Post-Graduate Students, IAPT workers etc.

We often host guest speakers, with varying topics according to their area of expertise, which usually consists of Clinical Psychologists, Research Assistants, Mental Health Nurses and current doctorate Trainees. There is also time for peer support and group discussion regarding current issues in psychology, as well as the opportunity to meet and socialise outside of the work setting.

New members are always welcome. For more information or to be added to the mailing list, please email:

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Manchester Assistant Psychologist Group (Checked 13/09/2016)

Meetings are usually held on the last Friday of each month, between 2 – 4 pm, at various venues across the Greater Manchester region. We also organise a monthly speaker (usually a qualified psychologist or current trainee) and discuss relevant issues. Meetings take place at Manchester University . To be added to the mailing list email the Chairs on:

Middlesbrough (Checked 09/09/16)

Contact Jenna Grocott

Milton Keynes and surrounding areas Grad Group

A group for graduate psychologists interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology who live or work in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas (Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northants). The group aims to be friendly and supportive rather than competitive, and the onus is on professional development and learning about the world of Clinical Psychology rather than focusing upon the doctorate training application process. We try to make the groups collaborative and encourage members to get involved with organising sessions related to their own roles/interests. The groups aim to be varied so we might have guest speakers, a journal club, a peer supervision element, group activities/discussion of vignettes or case studies. The content of each group is decided by its members so that everyone can get the most out of the group.

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South East England Assistant Psychologist Group (Checked 14/09/2016)

A group for Assistant Psychologists and those working in related areas who are pursuing a career as a Clinical Psychologist. The group meets in Canterbury, Kent one or two times a month and can be used as an outlet to discuss applications for clinical training and peer supervision. There will also be guest speakers; local clinical psychologists, professionals in related fields, and those working in academia. Anyone who is interested in attending from outside of this area is welcome to join. Please email Lucy Elias or Beckie Bundy for details on

Surrey & Borders (Checked 08/09/2016)

Our group is the Surrey and Borders AP Group. We hold one meeting every month, always on the third Tuesday, between 3 and 4:30 pm. We currently alternate between Guildford and Epsom sites. The group is open to anyone with an interest in Clinical Psychology, regardless of current employment or whether they live in or outside of Surrey. It provides an opportunity to share thoughts regarding past and present experiences as well as future expectations.

The group is designed to meet the needs of those that attend the group, meaning it can provide peer support and discuss CPD. Each month a speaker will attend the meeting to present on a topic of their interest, this could be anything related to the health or psychology disciplines. If you are interested in attending or would like more information then please email:, or

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Sussex (Checked 08/09/2016)

Open to all Psychology graduates interested in an applied psychology career. The group will arrange presentations and talks from mental health professionals and services users, provide opportunities for peer support, and disseminate information about pre-clinical opportunities including details about the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Psychology Graduate Internship Programme.

To join this group please email Shannon Guglietti

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We meet every two months and hold discussions, case / research presentations and clinical course preparations. This includes lunch and invited speakers from different specialities within Clinical Psychology. The group is organised and run by Assistants. We also hold social nights out and meet up with Clinical doctorate and MSc trainees.

To be added to the mailing list email TBC


The group is open to all Psychology graduates within the ‘Trent’ region. It is primarily designed with the Assistant Psychologists’ role in mind; however, we welcome anyone interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology.

The group is held on the last Wednesday of the month at the University of Nottingham. Meetings have regular guest speakers and presentations and provide a forum for discussion and peer support. Speakers are predominantly Clinical Psychologists from a wide range of services but may also include carers from local self-help groups and service users.

To be added to the mailing list email the facilitators, Christina Ralph-Nearman and Kathleen Baess on

Yorkshire “Aspiring Clinical Psychologists” Group (Checked 26/09/17)

We normally meet in West Yorkshire around the last Wednesday of every month, 3-5pm.

The location and date varies depending on availability of speakers. We are run by the members within the group and have a committee. We have speakers from different specialities in Clinical Psychology. We discuss the application and interview process for Clinical Psychology doctorates as well as current issues in professional Psychology.

Membership of the Group is open to all Psychology Graduates interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology.

Chair – Lucy Rigley

Vice Chair – Becky Dalby

Secretary – Pilar Falcon

Social Secretary – Carmen Laird

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If you have any queries or to be added to the mailing list please email: 


North Wales Assistants Group (Checked 09/09/16)

Membership of the Group is open to all psychology graduates interested in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology.

The group is fairly small and relaxed and holds six bi-monthly meetings per year. Meetings include peer support, group discussions and presentations from guest speakers.

All group members are included in planning sessions to ensure the meetings are of relevance and interest to everyone.

For more information about the Group, please e-mail: Kadie-Charelle

South Wales Psychology Pre-training Group (Checked 09/09/16)

There are two branches of the South Wales Psychology Pre-Training Group. The first is an Affiliates Group, which is open to all Psychology Graduates and Undergraduates considering a career in Clinical Psychology. Members receive emails about upcoming jobs, volunteering opportunities and relevant training etc. We also hold 4 Affiliates Days a year, consisting of presentations and workshops given by Clinical Psychologists.

The second branch is the Assistants Group. This is for individuals working as Assistant Psychologists or Psychology Assistants; Psychology students on their placement year are also invited to join. This group meet about every 6-8 weeks and discuss things like case presentations, journal articles, psychology models/ theories and clinical/ research vignettes.

It provides the opportunity to develop knowledge and receive peer support.

If you would like any more information, or would like to join the group, send an email to with a brief description of your current situation.


East of Scotland Psychology Assistants Group (ESPAG) (Checked 08/09/16)

We are a group for individuals with an interest in pursuing a career in Psychology in the east of Scotland. You don’t need to be an Assistant Psychologist to join the group, we welcome members from a broad range of backgrounds.

We usually hold meetings once a month in the evening, at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Morningside, Edinburgh. The topic of each meeting varies but there is usually a speaker at each meeting. This may be someone who has a career in psychology who shares their experiences or offers some helpful suggestions on how to gain more experience, become an assistant psychologist, continue in academia or achieve a place on a training course. We also have speakers from voluntary organisations who offer voluntary placements for people who are looking for more experience, clinical or research. The group is also a great way to meet others with similar interests and goals.

If you are interested in being added to the ESPAG mailing list please contact

West of Scotland

The group welcomes Assistant Psychologists, Research and Graduates pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology. The format of our meetings are flexible and include peer support, group discussion and invited guest speakers for talks and presentations. We meet on a regular basis.

To be added to the mailing list email the Chair, Avril Smith, on 


Irish Assistants Group (Checked 09/09/16)

This group is open to Assistant Psychologists, Research Assistants and other psychology graduates in Ireland hoping to pursue a career in clinical psychology. While most of the meetings and our members are based in Dublin, we are open to people from all over Ireland. We are currently in talks with the PSI to discuss the role of assistant psychologists in an Irish context. We have social meetings around once a month, and also have meetings where we discuss subjects relevant to assistant psychologists, clinical psychology, and ‘getting a foot in the door’. We are hoping to have meetings with guest speakers in the future.


Northern Ireland Affiliate Psychologist Forum (NIAPF)

For details of meetings, please see the NIAPF website.


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